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Project Overview

Swanson Elementary

8′ x 9′

Ceramic Tile

The lobby of Swanson Elementary was brought to life when a nine-foot-by six-foot mural was created of Picasso’s famous painting, Three Musicians.

With a large number of students participating in chorus, orchestra, and band, Swanson wanted to pay tribute to the school’s strong music program. Picasso’s Three Musicians fit the theme perfectly.

Each art class either participated by piecing tiles onto the wall or onto an outline on brown paper that was later transferred to the wall. This allowed several groups to work on different portions of the mural simultaneously. Students compared the experience to working on a huge jigsaw puzzle. In addition to piecing the tiles, all of the Swanson students put on goggles and smashed tiles with hammers.

Over 500 students worked together to create this mural in six days. Because of the durability of tiles, the mural will last through future generations.