Thousand and One Nights

onethousandandone omalley details
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onethousandandone omalley details
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carrie omalley thousand and one nights close up

Swanson Elementary

4′ x 16′

Ceramic Tile

This four-foot-by sixteen-foot mural is based on the Persian literary classic, Arabian Nights. Scheherazade saves her own life from a vengeful king by dazzling him with a story that she always interrupts at a moment of suspense just after dawn, ensuring her survival through 1,001 nights. Like Scheherazade’s tales, The Thousand and One Nights mural is a work rich in fantastical imagery and symbolism. The composition is magical with its fanciful magic lamps, dancing plant forms, and hearts.   The complex shapes were a challenge for Swanson students, but one they, clearly, were up for.   Most of the tiles in this mural were hand-glazed to insure just the right color scheme. Over 500 students created this mural in five days.