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Brookfield Academy – Senior Class Gift

Every year the senior class at Brookfield Academy gives a legacy gift back to the school.  This year, they hired me to design, facilitate, teach and create three 10’ x 3’ glass mosaic murals with the art students in the upper school.  We decided upon three designs of master works.  The first being, a Henri Matisse collage.  Second, The Great Wave by Hokusai and the third, a collage by Joan Miro.  All three designs tie in with the high school art curriculum with concepts ranging from simple uses of form, shape, and color to wood cuts and representational imaging to Surrealism.

The three murals are being created by over 150 students over the course of nine days.   In addition to learning how to cut and set tile, the mural process has nurtured collaboration between students,  inspired self-expression, strengthened problem solving skills and empowered students with the ability to change their environment.

There are many steps between the moment a mural is conceived and the day it is dedicated and celebrated. Throughout the mural process, the mural becomes a living part of the school, a relationship that continues long after the project is completed.


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