Beauty inspires us, nurtures our spirits, and gives our joy. We all respond instinctively to beauty in nature, and also to beauty in our built environments. When we create beauty, we are enriching the quality of our lives.

Recognizing that creativity and beauty are powerful agents for change, I work with communities, schools, and hospitals around the globe practicing the arts to bring self-empowerment, improve environment, and social change.

The mural-making process enables students to:

  • Visually perceptive
  • Inspires self-expression and self-esteem
  • Teaches teamwork and leadership
  • Strengthens critical thinking and problem solving skills; adding to overall academic achievement and school success
  • Experience of pride of ownership
  • Nurtures collaboration, respect for alternative viewpoints, and appreciation for different cultures and traditions.

My mural programs have served thousands of youth using mural-making as a dynamic means to engage youth and teach transferable life and job skills, such as leadership and teamwork.

When you see a finished mural, you are looking at the result of a very long process. There are many steps between the moment a mural is conceived and the day it is dedicated and celebrated. Throughout the mural process, the mural becomes a living part of the neighborhood, building, or school, a relationship that continues long after the project is completed. The mural-making process builds lasting community relationships, bringing together people whose paths might otherwise never have crossed.

Visual arts broaden young minds and exalt their spirits. They help youth understand what it is that makes us human by validating our commonalities and celebrating our differences.

carrie omalley students in Costa Rica create mural art
Carrie Omalley working with students at Brookfield Academy on Wisconsin Themed mosaic panels