artist-in-residence program

Mosaics are inherently architectural and durable, making them an excellent choice for permanent building decoration. Mosaic murals enliven the space, adding vibrancy and life to the overall environment. Mosaics are also an ideal medium for group and community projects. The palette of materials, including ceramic tile, Italian glass, mirrors, and colored grout are vibrant and textural. The process of building mosaics is surprisingly forgiving, enabling people all levels of skill and experience to work together to create an amazing piece of artwork.

Each school/community’s requirements vary according to size, complexity (number of students participating, time allocated, etc.) and location of the mosaic/mural.   I will assess all of the objectives, discuss workable formats and provide a detailed quotation. Projects can range from semi-permanent (framed pieces on panels) to permanent (murals directly on the wall).

I have completed over twenty large-scale mural projects in the last ten years nationally and internationally through collaboration with artists, organizations, schools and communities.


Things to consider:

  • Theme/message
  • Who is designing mural
  • Wall space – (internal or external)
  • Size
  • How many students are involved at a time/total
  • Time frame for project completion – dates
  • Budget

Please contact for prices of these options as they are dependent on location and number of children.

Popular School Themes

  • School name/logo/mascot
  • Children – embracing diversity
  • Artist masterpieces
  • Religious themes
  • Nature
  • Community and world
  • Celebrations – sports/anniversaries, etc.
  • Learning – illustrating school
carrie omalley working with children
carrie omalley working with children
carrie omalley working with children